Monday, February 3, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Week

It's the Super-bowl's week, it was the Emmy's and it about to be Oscar time, oh and thanks Tina Fey and Amy Poehler but I miss Ricki Gervais

Tristan Seriuk breaks on through to the other side with his video for Iska Dhaff's "Everyone Knows"
directed by and featuring a bunch cats I'm close to not including Mr. Macklemore.

 I've always have had mixed feeling when it comes to Eminem but I have to give him and gorgeous Rhianna big ups for this track. Eminem even shouts out Russell Wilson @ 4:03.
Recorded last year, so are you feeling a lil synchronicity?

Derrick Coleman couldn't get a table at the restaurant i work at last week after the NFC championship game.  We were full and couldn't get him a seat. The following day his commercial was released and now we feel like idiots because we're deaf.

The best headphone commercial you'll ever see. Colin Kaepernick who plays for the San Francisco 49er's who also happens to be(until recently dispensed) very despised by us 12th men(and women)[and kids also] {dh} Why be judgey, jus don't hate and try to love everyone because we're all idiot mammals in the end so... but for to be for realzey I do still secretly hate him.

Ironic how this follow up commercial ended up being so prophetic, filmed before the NFC championship game and his little blow up after winning the game.

Raw Dick beloved

Richard Sherman in all actuality

More potential favorite super bowl commercials thanks Anheaser Busch {gag}

 I remember when Daft punk first came out when I was a heavy duty raver, punter and trainspotter. I went to their lovely live dj set at the showbox september 1997, no masks or robots yet, just  Thomas Bangalter and  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo. The difference always being their ability to flow and keeping it live and exciting whilst being unique and creative.
Here's one of their earliest tracks
Musique Daft Punk

Keeping up with Jodyhighroller


My Kids playin


Philidelphia heady Dr dog holding the torch

Baltimore act Height With Fences says
 "When I toured Europe, my tourmate (PT Burnem) kept pointing out how European audiences act like they’re actually there with you, instead of acting like they’re at home watching you on TV. I wanted a song to play live that could bring attention to the fact that our set is really happening in real life. On my last few tours, I’ve noticed deader crowds becoming more aware and alive for this one."
bringing back the sounds of Cybotron and Afrika Bambaataa



If you havent had enough. GO HAWKS!!!

RiFF RAFF x LEX LUGER - Raiders vs Hawks